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Adore Me!

you useless obsessive types

The Adored
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For the obscure, and the non obscure obsessions!

Do your friends send you through hell because of your obsession, because of your idol, because you hug flower vases?

Have you been through a terrible trauma which lost you nights of sleep as a result of idolising the one on the big screen?

D'oh, we're all obsessive types!

*\What is the name of the lovely fan, how old are you, where are your obsessions stationed? (uh, where are you from?)
*\Who, or what is your idol?
*\For how long have you been dreaming?
*\Have you met him/her/them/it?
*\Who gets you down because of your obsession?
*\What do they tell you, what do you tell them?

Ah, all this superiority, elitism, for what? We rock! Our idols would pick us over the other anytime, wouldn't they!?

Post beautiful pics, behind the even more beautiful Lj-cut, enjoy your beautiful stay, and tell all your beautifully obsessed beautiful friends!


Yours truly, baladeur, babycorr